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  • There's more, said Gurder excitedly, in much smaller letters, perhaps they're meant to be right for us.

    One morning the hero asks him why he's sharpening his sword to a razor's edge, since the company doesn't expect any action.

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  • I should have made a bet that i could do it. I guess you know that Alex and I have known each other for a very long time.
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    Class Of 1977 is now linking over to FaceBook for Alumni Biographies, I have started a OPHS Class Of 1977 Group... If you are looking for Friends Click Here to see if they are a member of our FaceBook Group.

    2012 Reunion Information Click Here

    Alma Mater 
    Orange and White we love thee, honored by thy name. 
    Courage, faith, and freedom be our one great aim. 
    To thee Alma Mater hope and love so true. 
    Orange and White we love thee, memories old and new. 
    OPHS Band

    1977 Senior Annual Pictures

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  • She didn't bother with the ladder, but slid down the poles to the first story and ducked inside a broken window.
  • But now you c'mon-we'll walk slow-and you tell me the rest when you've had a little snack.
  • The King pulled at his lower lip, and blew out a long breath.
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  • Fax ploughed in again, trying to corner F'lar between the raised platform and the wall.
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  • He didn't get any supper that night, but he almost felt that it might have been worth it. Did Axis now insist that his command worship him as a god?
  • Still gasping, he looked back and saw Diego come over lightly, easily; lie squatted on the mossy grass, and smiled.

  • As suddenly as it had started, it stopped with a metallic click. It swerved to the left, passing the intervening car, then returned to the right lane, behind them..


    For Reunion Information Email OPHS77@gmail.com ,,, Jeff Keene, Loretta Mathis Rhoden
    Or Sheri Ergle Chase Will Answer Your Email.... We also have a Facebook Reunion Info page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/OPHS77/ .